Membership Committee

Dr. Gurjit Singh

Creating awareness of the society’s mission and current activities among relevant professional communities.

Promoting the society’s expertise among robotic systems vendors, academic institutions and healthcare providers.

Meetings Committee

Dr. Eugene Crystal

Planning, organization and preparation of general annual meetings and smaller topic-focused ones.

Research Committee

Dr. Pedram Kazemian and Dr. Ali Tavallaei

Encouraging, supporting and facilitating research activities directed toward creating new knowledge in robotic cardiac navigation – e.g. identification and dissemination of best practices, summarizing and analyzing clinical outcome data, developing new hardware and software components for existing or novel robotic systems, etc.

Training Committee

Dr. Peter Weiss

Providing help and assistance to all involved professionals (operators, allied professionals, technicians, etc.) to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for safe and efficient operation of cardiac robotic systems.

Recognition Committee

All Board Members

Identification, recognition and encouragement of the most innovative and productive members of the Society and cardiac robotic community in general.

Website development and administration

Dr. Andriy Shmatukha